As leaders in ecosystem service economics and planning, Earth Economics provides new
ways to discover the true value of and opportunities in natural capital assets. Our programs
and services are aimed to help you answer these questions about ecosystem services:

ecosystem services are and the value they provide.
receives benefit from ecosystem services.
Where ecosystem services are provided.
When ecosystem services are most productive.
Why ecosystem services are essential.
How to budget, plan and manage with ecosystem services in mind.


Our team can help you achieve successful outcomes:

  • Understand the economics of ecology and sustainability. 
  • Identify natural capital assets and those who receive benefit.  
  • Assess the economic value of assets and service provided. 
  • Justify financial investment in conservation and restoration. 
  • Achieve consensus on key resource management decisions. 
  • Secure funding in order to improve ecosystem services. 
  • Train staff to use ecosystem services concepts and tools.  
  • Respond rapidly to changing economic opportunities.
  • Prep you to deliver the results of your study to your audience.

Please browse our listed services and case studies or download a summary brochure: Who is Earth Economics?