Earth Economics is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide applicable, affordable and defendable ecological economics tools and analysis to support shifting investments towards sustainable green infrastructure. In 2010, over 50% of our funding source was grants from private foundations and trusts, approximately 10% of our funding came from donations from private individuals and 40% of our funding came from private contracts. Because our current institutional systems are based on 20th Century economics, there is a wide gap between the interest we receive in our work and the public and private sector funding available to complete our work. 

Earth Economics receives regular requests for services by government organizations and non-governmental agencies with project requests. Some projects have no or partial funding source, and of these, the projects we believe are of strategic importance in advancing the applications of ecological economics, we jointly fundraise for. Please feel free to browse the project list to the left and, if you see a project that interests you, or one that you may want to support, please contact us at You can also donate directly to our general fund by visiting our Donate Now page.

Thank you for your interest and support of our emerging projects!