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Cheri strives to blend her two passions in and out of the office – creativity and a love of the outdoors. As a Pacific Northwest native, a little rain or even snow doesn’t stop her from getting outdoors with her family. An avid camper with a green thumb, Cheri and her husband enjoy spending as much time as possible exploring the world around them and teaching their young son to not only appreciate but also value nature. Her desire to contribute to the protection of nature for present and future generations is her inspiration behind Earth Economics’ visual  storytelling. Cheri powers our community engagement program through digital and print design, art direction, data and process visualizations, as well as campaign and brand strategy. She draws on over a decade of experience in both the public and private sectors, bringing a unique set of tools and comprehensive understanding of engagement strategy to the Earth Economics team.

REcent Design Work

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 Grove of the Patriarchs Mt. Rainier National Park, WA

Grove of the Patriarchs
Mt. Rainier National Park, WA


Graduate Study in Public Administration
Suffolk University | Boston, MA

B.S. Advertising, Creative Design
North Park University | Chicago, IL