BS in Earth Sciences & Biology, Pacific Lutheran University

MS in Economics, Louisiana State University

Fellow, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont

Key PUblications

Co-Author, What’s the Economy for, Anyway, ranked among the New York Book Review’s top ten economics and business books

Collaborative author on over 20 ecosystem services valuation studies

David Batker

President, Co-Founder, and Chief Economist

David Batker is a renowned expert in Ecological Economics and an acclaimed speaker, leader, educator, and advocate. Dave co-founded Earth Economics to improve investment locally and globally to secure ecological health, sustainable economies, and prosperity. His work has been quoted in over 300 newspaper, radio, and television stories. His projects span over 40 countries and 35 US states. David’s path-breaking studies show natural systems’ value for providing food, water, flood risk reduction, climate stabilization, recreation, and other benefits. His pragmatic work has been used to establish the value of watersheds for providing water, by FEMA to estimate the value of floodplains for flood risk reduction, and to establish funding mechanisms for maintaining natural capital. David is working with the Earth Economics team on a practical web-based tool to establish consistent values for nature’s benefits and new funding mechanisms for conservation.