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David Batker’s passion is ecological economics. As a public figure, David has been featured in over 300 publications and furthers his global reach as an acclaimed speaker, educator, and ecological economics advocate. With humble beginnings Earth Economics has grown into a powerhouse of providing organizations, business, and governments with the data and resources needed to secure ecological health and create sustainable strategies for economies around the world. Earth Economics success is in large part due to David’s path-breaking studies that demonstrate the natural systems’ value for ecosystem services, biodiveristy, and establishing funding mechanisms for maintaining natural capital. 

REcent Work

"Basin-wide Socio-economic Analysis of Four Proposed Sediment Diversions." Royal Engineers and Consultants, LLC., and Earth Economics. 2016.

"The Economic Benefits of the Proposed St. George Unangan Heritage National Marine Sanctuary." Earth Economics. Tacoma, WA. 2016.

"Environmental and Social Benchmarking Analysis of Nautilus Minerals Inc. Solwara 1 Project." Earth Economics. Tacoma, WA. May 2015.

"The Trillion Dollar Asset: The Economic Value of the Long Island Sound Basin. Earth Economics." Tacoma, WA. 2015.

What’s the Economy For, Anyway? David Batker. Bloomsbury Press: New York. 2011.

  Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia


M.S. Economics
Louisiana State University | Baton Rouge, LA

B.S. Earth Science & Biology
Pacific Lutheran University | Tacoma, WA

Fellow, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics
University of Vermont | Burlington, VT