Our Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit (EVT) is a comprehensive, searchable database of ecosystem service values.  The quantity and quality of our data and the advanced filtering and reporting tools we’ve developed allow Earth Economics to quickly and reliably generate ecosystem service values for virtually any location and ecosystem in the world.

The EVT holds thousands of values gleaned from ecosystem service value databases and peer-reviewed academic journals, and the tool is constantly updated to keep on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field. Our team of expert ecological economists manages the multi-stage review process for values, ensuring data consistency, full accountability, and auditability.

Our values can immediately benefit local planners, open space advocates, corporate sustainability leaders, and policy makers in making the best decisions about their natural assets. The EVT underpins all our work at Earth Economics and paves the way for improving public and private investment, realigning economic incentives towards ecological and financial sustainability, and shifting or creating markets to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems.

At present, EVT is an internal tool for access by Earth Economics team members only. For more information about the EVT, please contact us.