Our Goal

Improve community resilience and equity

For too long, cities and communities have grown and been developed as if they were not a part of the natural environment that surrounds them. We’re working to change that. Resilient communities work with nature to benefit people and maintain healthy ecosystems. We want to see communities thrive, adapt, and grow no matter what challenges they face.

Communities are more cohesive when there are healthy green spaces for recreation and other benefits, and when natural systems help mitigate and protect the most vulnerable from increasingly frequent disasters and other effects of climate change. Our work helps cities become healthier and more resilient.  

Photo Credit: liz west via Flickr

Photo Credit: liz west via Flickr

Our Initiatives

Climate Adaptation

HNTB, HUD California, sustainable rural underrepresented communities, 100RC, native communities 

·        Goal: Mitigate risk and adapt to shocks, advance economic tools and policies that mitigate risks and minimize losses and help communities adapt to flood, fire, and drought (ie FEMA's BCA tool).  

Sustainable Urban Planning

100RC, including green infrastructure and sufficient open space, Eugene (value of their trees), green buildings (framework for looking at financial and economic benefits of living/green building), NYCHA 

Trails, Parks, and Open Space

·        Urban fringe, remote open space 

·        Recreation 

·        Goal:  Help communities conserve recreational lands that provide co-benefits and improve quality of life through access to recreational lands, support economic development through recreation economy 

·        Health 

·        Goal: Reduce health care costs and improve physical and mental health and productivity in the workplace 


Establish the connection between healthy ecosystems and human health 


·        Reduce harm to people in the floodplain and improve the health of floodplains – FEMA BCA, Floodplain by Design, National Wildlife Federation (flood insurance), HNTB, Seattle levee setback project, Thornton Creek restoration , rebuild natural floodplains (emphasize floodplain system) 


Keywords: inform, disaster risk reduction, floodplain management, healthy economy, sustainable jobs, native communities 


Photo Credit: Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management via Flickr