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Solutions to maximize carbon capture and biodiversity

Forest management and watershed protection alternatives

Strategies for promoting forest health and resilience

What's at Stake


Forests are some of our most valuable natural assets, but their many benefits, from providing habitat and sustaining biodiversity to offering gorgeous recreational spaces and contributing to health and well-being, are too often taken for granted. Human development and climate change pose increasing threats. Global agricultural demands are driving deforestation, and fires, droughts, and invasive species are damaging our precious resources. Yet forests are truly resilience anchors – the healthier a forest is, the better able it will be to withstand climate change. We're working to address the challenges to forests and protect these valuable resources.

Photo Credit: Miguel Vieira via Flickr

Photo Credit: Miguel Vieira via Flickr

Our Approach


Raising Awareness of the Value of Forest Ecosystems

Communities and decision makers are often simply unaware of forest ecosystems’ full value. We work to provide a big picture look at forests and their broad benefits – from large-scale impacts like influencing climate to local benefits like recreational opportunities, habitat, and water filtration. Our analyses identify and monetize the benefits that forests offer, demonstrating just how much forests are worth so that decision makers can make the best choices about how and where to invest.


Influencing Mitigation Funding

We work to influence funding to promote sustainable management practices that reduce flood, fire, drought risks, and we also assess damages after they have occurred. With our assessments, communities can better understand and mitigate catastrophic losses from disasters.