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Strategies to fund watershed restoration and stewardship

Solutions for freshwater management

Why freshwater matters


A clean, abundant water supply – from drinking water to agricultural and industrial supply – is absolutely essential to our health and well-being, a critical component in building resilient communities. Healthy watersheds also support many ecosystem services, sustaining biodiversity and helping maintain resilient, productive ecosystems. Yet, many of our water sources are threatened by drought, depletion, and pollution. Employing economic analysis that takes nature into account can help us effectively tackle these challenges in policy and planning.

  Photo Credit:  Pascal Walschots via  Flickr

Photo Credit: Pascal Walschots via Flickr

Our Approach


Supporting Watershed Restoration and Stewardship

We provide communities with innovative funding options for watershed restoration and stewardship so that both ecosystems and communities can benefit. Our strategies assist decision makers in confidently investing in projects and systems that support conservation and restoration to promote long-term ecological and fiscal health.


Informing Policy and Planning for Freshwater Ecosystems

Effective planning for freshwater management begins with a full understanding of a watershed's value. We assess the value of forests, rivers, aquifers, and snowpack for communities and lead workshops to educate stakeholders about the critical connections between their watershed and the resilience of their community. With this understanding, decision makers are empowered to manage freshwater assets in a way that supports the health of their watersheds and communities.