Our Goal

Ensure sustainable use and management of freshwater ecosystems – rivers, lakes, and aquifers

Our health and well-being depend on a clean, abundant water supply – from drinking water to the water needed for agriculture and businesses, we can’t live without it. Healthy watersheds are critical to human health and well-being, but they also support biodiversity and help maintain resilient, productive ecosystems.

Photo Credit: Pascal Walschots via Flickr

Photo Credit: Pascal Walschots via Flickr

Unfortunately, many of our water sources are threatened by drought, depletion, pollution, and development. As climate change intensifies droughts and demand for water outstrips supply, it is high time that we started shaping policy and planning to tackle these significant challenges.

Our work is focused on fully understanding the value of watersheds and leveraging that knowledge to make the best investment and policy choices that will support healthy freshwater ecosystems for all.

We Focus On:


Raising Awareness of Healthy Watersheds' Value

A full understanding of a watershed's value is what drives the kind of investments that will support healthy, functioning watersheds. We support decision makers with a clear picture of their watershed's value and engage stakeholders through workshops and outreach.


Informing Policy and Planning for Freshwater Ecosystems

Climate change and development are forcing critical decisions on how best to steward freshwater ecosystems in light of the threats to water supply. From evaluating the benefits and costs of dams to investigating the impacts of green infrastructure investments, we help stakeholders understand their options when it comes to planning and policy for watersheds.


Advancing accounting and Finance Strategies to Support Investment in Freshwater Ecosystems

Accurate accounting is essential if the public, policy makers, and investors are to make sound decisions regarding our freshwater resources. Although watersheds and aquifers are some of our most important assets, current accounting standards don't address natural assets or ecosystem services like water filtration and supply. We're working to change that. When accounting and finance strategies advance, we'll be able to allocate greater public investment to forested watersheds and green infrastructure, improving water policy for watersheds and aquifers and securing a clean water supply for the nation.