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Strategies to restore coastal areas

Assessment of marine habitat protection options

Why Healthy Oceans matter


Oceans and natural coastal areas are remarkably beneficial to humans – providing fisheries for food, supporting livelihoods through coastal recreation and economic activity around ports, stabilizing our climate by sequestering and storing carbon, and buffering communities from storms and tsunamis. But the risks are growing – sea-level rise, ocean acidification, nutrient pollution, warmer water temperatures, and development pressures present critical challenges. Protecting and restoring oceans and coasts supports the critical ecosystems that sustain our way of life and underpin a thriving economy.

  Photo Credit:  MinJae Kim via  Flickr

Photo Credit: MinJae Kim via Flickr

Our Approach


Supporting coastal restoration

Our analyses help to build an understanding of our critical assets – natural shorelines, barrier islands, and healthy estuaries – along coastal areas. We provide communities with innovative options for funding protection and restoration so that ecosystems and communities both thrive.


Informing management policy for oceans and coastal areas

We help communities identify opportunities to protect and preserve natural marine resources while balancing economic and social outcomes. From informing shoreline master planning to helping communities justify new marine protected areas, we help leaders make balanced decisions that protect resources, steward the environment, and serve the needs of local communities.

  Photo Credit:  finchlake2000 via  Flickr

Photo Credit: finchlake2000 via Flickr