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Quantification of the economic benefits of working lands

Assessment of best practices for sustainable production

Why working lands matter


Working lands are foundational to our economy and quality of life, whether they support agriculture, animal production, or forestry. From food to timber, working lands provide essential products. Population growth and accelerating urban development are increasing pressure on these lands, impacting future generations. However, working lands can be managed using best practices that support healthy ecosystems, resilient communities, and sustainable production.


  Photo Credit:  Richard Hurd via  Flickr

Photo Credit: Richard Hurd via Flickr

Our Approach


Promoting Farmland Preservation

In assessing farmland, we look at the value of agricultural products and a host of other benefits that farmlands provide. Farmlands are inextricably tied to cultural heritage and a way of life, and they provide services like carbon sequestration and flood risk reduction. Too often, farmland is divided and developed without a full understanding of the value lost. We support communities’ farmland preservation efforts, especially along rapidly developing suburban fringe areas.


Informing Best Management Practices

Our economic assessments help land managers demonstrate the value of enhanced management practices to their own bottom line and to the community. We assess the environmental, social, and financial benefits of adopting best management practices in agriculture and forestry so that stakeholders can make well-informed decisions about where to invest and how best to manage lands over time.


Banner Photo Credit: Mary Stephens