A message from our President

Economies need nature

Look around you. Everything comes from nature! The economy depends on nature, yet we persist in undervaluing it. Our greatest challenge to achieving healthy ecosystems and resilient communities is in fully accounting for nature’s value. By understanding and quantifying nature’s true value, we can shift investment at the scale needed to implement real solutions and achieve sustainability for our natural assets: our climate, our forests, our waters, our fisheries, our soils, our biodiversity, and for future generations.

I am immensely proud of our talented, hard-working team at Earth Economics. Across the nation, we are working with agencies, companies, and communities to incorporate natural capital in decision-making – and we are succeeding. See our accomplishments.

We will keep working for resilience

We are in a prime position to continue shifting decisions and investments towards sustainability and resilience. The problems of sustainability are about science, and they are physical problems – too much CO2, too few salmon, too little water, polluted water, lost habitat. Science can design solutions, but it’s economics and finance that will marshal the resources and change the incentives to achieve these solutions. We have to account for nature as never before.

With all the challenges we face today, it’s high time that we expanded effective, systemic solutions, turned the tide, and made our communities and ecosystems stronger and more resilient.

Welcome to our community, and I hope you’ll join in our critical work!

Dave Batker



Chief Economist