BA in Economics and Finance, Eastern Washington University


Metro Parks' Business & Responsive Agency Advisory Council Member

Volunteer, Urban Wetland Restoration at Ryan's Park, South Tacoma

Johnny Mojica

Research Lead

Johnny Mojica was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has a passion for everything outdoors.  He works extensively on the economic benefits of public recreation lands and waters. Most recently, Johnny studied the economic value of recreation, salmon, hydropower, and flood control structures in the Columbia River Basin. Johnny has conducted environmental and social compliance reviews against International Finance Corporation Environmental, Health, and Safety guidelines for mining, has assessed the recreational benefits of public lands, and has conducted economic impact analysis of wildfires in California and benefit-cost analysis of dam removal. Johnny’s expertise includes economic analysis with IMPLAN and developing methods to collect and model recreation use data. Johnny also advises Metro Parks Tacoma on operations concerning financial management and business practices in his role on the Business & Responsive Agency Advisory Council.



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