BS in Biology, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Mexico

Master’s in Environmental Studies, The Evergreen State College

Lola Flores

Project Director

Lola Flores primarily researches ways to implement ecosystem services valuations into local, regional, and national policy. Her main projects focus on quantifying services produced by nearshore and shoreline ecosystems in both saltwater and freshwater systems. Her work includes applying economic tools such as benefit-cost analysis and return on investments to better utilize ecosystem services valuations to influence policy. Lola is also involved in developing funding mechanisms to provide crucial financial support for environmental restoration, conservation, and mitigation projects.


Key Publications

Flores, L., Schwartz, A. 2015. Economic Contribution of Outdoor Recreation to Whatcom County, WA. Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA.

Wahlund, N., Flores, L., Reyneveld, J., Stone, J., Lulloff, A., Fowler, D. 2015. Advancing Environmental Benefits in Benefit-Cost Analysis at the Local Level FEMA Policy Impacts in Southern Wisconsin. Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA.

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Flores, L., Batker, D. 2014. An Assessment of the Value of Pacific County's Nearshore Ecosystems Economic Data for the Shoreline Master Program Planning Process. Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA.

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Flores, L., Harrison-Cox, J., Milliren, A., Batker, D. 2012. The Natural Value of Thurston County: A Rapid Ecosystem Service Valuation. Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA.