BA in Political Science & Communications, Seattle Pacific University

Master of Public Policy, Georgetown University

Matt Van Deren

Project Director

Matt Van Deren primarily researches ways to implement ecosystem services valuations into local, regional, and national policy. Prior to working at Earth Economics, Matt worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he led a hedonic valuation study as a part of the agency’s broader efforts to quantify the benefits of water quality. He has also spent time in the Dominican Republic where he worked with local organizations to assess the economic value of environmental damage from untreated wastewater discharge. Matt is dedicated to using his training in econometrics, statistics, and policy analysis to understand the value of ecosystem services at home and abroad.



Van Deren, M., Armistead, C., Casey, P., Flores, L. 2017. Nature's Value in the Skykomish Watershed: An Ecosystems Service Valuation of the Lower Skykomish and Braided Reach. Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA. 

Van Deren, M., Armistead, C., Casey, P. 2017. Flood Damage in the Skykomish Watershed: A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Interventions in the Lower Skykomish Reach. Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA.