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Phone: (253) 539-4801

Matt thrives on complexity (and year-round bike commuting.) A systems thinker by nature, our Executive Director works tirelessly to understand and improve systems inside and outside of our organization. He drives forward the tools, methods, and products pioneered at Earth Economics to inspire local and global decision makers to act at the scale required to secure a better future. He draws on his broad experience across fields – from wastewater treatment to health care to technology – to understand partner needs and connect stakeholders, methods, and data in innovative and powerful ways.

REcent work

"Open Space Benefits in the City of El Paso." Earth Economics. Tacoma, WA. August, 2016.

"The Economic Impact of the 2016 Loma Fire." Earth Economics. Tacoma, WA. 2016.

"The Value of Ecosystem Services in Lower Sabino Creek." Earth Economics. Tacoma, WA. May, 2016.

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 Yellowstone National Park, MT   

Yellowstone National Park, MT



B.A. Science, Technology, and Society
Cornell University | Ithaca, NY