Announcing the integration of new ecosystem markets data into EnviroAtlas ecosystem services mapping platform

Joint effort by USDA Office of Environmental Markets, EPA EnviroAtlas, and Forest Trends Ecosystem Marketplace 

Please join us for a launch webinar and live demonstration on October 12th (12 pm ET). We will share findings from the new Atlas of Ecosystem Markets, a booklet of maps highlighting status and trends of ecosystem markets in the United States.

Newly developed environmental markets layers map payment projects for watershed services, forest carbon, wetlands, and habitats on the U.S. landscape. Users can explore information about markets, individual projects, and enabling policies in the context of 300+ map layers already available on EnviroAtlas. Integrating ecosystem markets data with EnviroAtlas’s suite of analytical tools and scientific and demographic data allows users to understand critical trends, gaps, and opportunities in environmental markets. 

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