Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest presents:

Toward Renewable Energy and Ecosystem Services

A one-day meeting about poplar trees

April 25th, 2017

If you would like to attend TREES, please contact Noelle Hart

Strategies for addressing climate change, water quality, and other environmental issues are needed in the PNW. The primary focus of the meeting is to explore using poplar tree plantings as a means of linking bioenergy and biomass production with ecosystem services to improve water, soil, air, climate, and wildlife habitat.

Poplar trees are currently grown for wastewater, biosolid, and landfill management. Other potential ecosystem services include stormwater management, riparian buffers, and soil improvement. The biomass from these poplar trees can be used for renewable fuels and other products to reduce petroleum consumption.

AGENDA: View full agenda here

• Energy and environmental quality challenges in the PNW
• Ecosystem services provided by poplar trees
• nutrient uptake and water filtration
• carbon sequestration
• buffers and windbreaks
• Monetization of ecosystem services
• Biomass for bioenergy
• Relevant policies and stakeholder needs

• Presentations & panel discussions
• Interactive working groups
• Field trip – poplars for landfill clean-up

State and county policy makers, environmental and energy professionals, environmental interest groups, state agency representatives, researchers, & poplar growers

• Increased awareness of the opportunities and hurdles to linking bioenergy with ecosystem services through poplar plantings
• PNW Roadmap and recommendations for poplar TREES
• An informed, regional network of interested parties