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Rowan has always been drawn to water – as a recreation space, a resource, and a necessity. When not floating a Northwest lake or river, he’s working to improve how water and other natural resources are managed and valued. He believes that successful economies require the right balance between grey and green infrastructure. Whether working with municipal utilities, federal agencies, or businesses, Rowan has experience identifying policy levers and investments that have the most significant economic and social impacts. With Earth Economics, Rowan has led projects to inform local infrastructure decisions as well as to advance systemic policy change at a national level.  

REcent Work

"Go Green: Muni bond financing for consumer rebates and other distributed water investments." Earth Economics. Tacoma, WA. August, 2018

Economic Analysis of the Pure Water Partners Program. Prepared for the Eugene Water & Electric Board

Natural Resources Accounting: A Path Forward for the GASB

What’s Needed to Advance and Optimize Forested Watershed Protection? Water Research Foundation and U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities

 Blanca Lake | Cascade Range, WA

Blanca Lake | Cascade Range, WA


B.A. Philosophy
University of Auckland | Auckland, New Zealand

B.S. Biology
University of Auckland | Auckland, New Zealand