BS Economics and minor in philosophy from the University of Puget Sound

MPA from the Evans School of Policy and Governance at the University of Washington (in progress)

Zachary Christin

Project Director

Zachary Christin leads research focused on social and health valuation, urban systems, cultural services, and advancing applications of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) in federal policy. Zac led research to incorporate environmental benefits for FEMA’s BCA tool, resulting in FEMA Policy FP-108-024-01. His research was also directly incorporated into FEMA's 2015 update Hazard Mitigation Assistance program, which now includes climate resilient mitigation activities. Zac participated in HUD’s National Disaster Resilience Competition as a Subject Matter Expert on BCA. His current work is with the Urban Waters Federal Partnership to apply ecosystem services analysis within Colorado's South Platte Watershed.



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