How NRCS Practices
benefit local communities

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Natural resources conservation service (NRCS)

Effects of NRCS practices can be felt by people and ecosystems outside of the farms or races on which they’re implemented. Learn More

Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)

CEAP is a multi-agency effort to quantify the environmental effects of conservation practices and programs and to develop the science base for managing agricultural lands while promoting environmental quality and wildlife. Learn More


What happens in the upper west fork trinity watershed effect off-farm populations - specifically in the town of Azle, tx.

  • Population of Upper West Form Trinity: 12,000

  • Majority Land Cover Type(s) in Watershed: […]

  • [x%] of the Watershed is devoted to cropland and pasture.

  • [light, conversational language about the community…]

  • [map to left will cycle through, with titles, showing the following:

    • land ownership map

    • photographs of natural resources (Eagle Mountain Lake, Ash Creek Park)

    • land cover types

    • agricultural areas]


Conservation Practice types

Between 2008 and 2018, 1800 NRCS conservation contracts were established in the West Form Trinity watershed.

Interact with the table, below, to narrow in on:

  • Number of Certified Contracts

  • NRCS Payment to Producers

  • Acres Affected by Certified Practices

[the table below will be adjusted slightly for the final version - colors, formatting, etc.]


[Title: Rangeland Ecosystems]

  • Conservation practices effect environment

  • Environment has intermediate functions

  • Environmental functions produce goods and services

  • People receive benefit 

  • These things are called ecosystem services, and can be valued in dollar terms.


[title: Why do i care?…]



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