Earth Economics’ proprietary Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit (EVT) is the foundation of our work to quantify and value the benefits nature provides. By dramatically simplifying the calculation of economic values for natural capital, the EVT fills an essential role in the transition to a sustainable economy. Specifically, it offers a reliable, scalable source for data to support decision making that fully values nature. 

The EVT combines a comprehensive database of academically sound, fully defensible, monetary values for natural assets with standardized biophysical attributes and a sophisticated suite of web-based tools. This combination of cutting-edge technology and big data enables us to calculate values for a wide range of ecosystems and services at scales from local to global. With the EVT, such valuations can be completed with an unrivaled combination of speed and rigor: in weeks or months rather than years, and across a comprehensive range of geographies and services. This makes it possible to respond efficiently, pragmatically, and effectively to requests for policy or business decision making.

Built by experienced software professionals from Amazon, IBM, Expedia, and Microsoft, the EVT is constantly updated to keep on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field, managed by a team of ecological economics experts, and informed by Earth Economics’ more than 20 years of experience in natural capital valuation. Our multi-stage data review process ensures consistency, accountability, and auditability across analyses.

The EVT paves the way for improving public and private investment, realigning economic incentives towards ecological and financial sustainability, and shifting or creating markets to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems.

EVT is a proprietary, internal tool for access by Earth Economics team members only.