Earth Economics Participates in UW Global Leadership Summit

Earth Economics Executive Director Jessie Martin joined corporate leaders and discussed how businesses address environmental problems, during the University of Washington’s Global Leadership Summit in Seattle. The Foster School of Business hosted the April 24 event, which focused on corporate social responsibility and career pathways that emphasize sustainability, as part of UW’s 2019 Earth Week

Martin focused her remarks on the creation of new asset classes and markets, the leveraging of capital in innovative ways, and the roles of women and marginalized voices in transforming economic systems, during the evening event’s first session, alongside Katie Secrist, an independent business consultant, and Leah Turino, a wealth strategy associate with the Union Bank of Switzerland. The panel was organized and moderated by 2018 Earth Economics intern Emily Menz, who will be continuing her work in ecological economics at the London School of Economics next fall.

Additional sessions — which drew former REI CEO and U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, as well as executives from Starbucks, Microsoft, PATH Market Dynamics — explored sustainable innovations in public health, business supply chains, and other topics.