Earth Economics presents oil spill Risk consequences
assessment to San Juan islands community


Project Director Rebecca Page presented Earth Economics’ recent report, San Juan County Oil Spill Risk Consequences Assessment, to community members of San Juan County on May 8. The 2019 report, commissioned by San Juan County Environmental Resources Division evaluates the extent of damages and range of costs from two hypothetical oil spills — an oil tanker spill and cargo vessel fuel oil spill — occurring in Haro Strait/Boundary Pass, which separates San Juan County and Vancouver Island 

The assessment contributes to a cost-benefit business case for investment in additional spill prevention measures, including an emergency response towing vessel in or near county waters that could aid vessels in distress.

Study Area: San Juan County, Washington
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San Juan County hosted a community presentation about the Earth Economics report, on Wednesday, May 8. (Shown L-R: Marta Green, Puget Sound Recovery Coordinator of the Action Agenda Oversight Group, San Juan County Environmental Resources Division and Rebecca Page, Project Director at Earth Economics)

For more information, please contact Project Manager Rebecca Page.