Miami Waterkeeper Features Earth Economics’ Research
on Coastal Wetlands

A recent Miami Waterkeeper forum on the economic valuation of ecosystem restoration in South Florida featured Earth Economics’ research about Biscayne Bay.

The event, held at Deering Estate, in Miami, included a tour of a pilot wetlands restoration site, as well as a panel discussion among scientists and resource managers about the importance of quantifying ecosystem benefits as a resilience measure for Miami-Dade County, whose eastern shoreline is dominated by Biscayne Bay.

Miami Waterkeeper also used the event to present Earth Economics’ recent study “Restoring Biscayne Bay and the Economic Value of Rehydrating Coastal Wetlands,” which was funded by the Miami Foundation. The study explains how Biscayne Bay’s coastal wetlands provide essential ecosystem services. Indeed, rehydrated coastal wetlands would provide $120 million in ecosystem services annually, amounting to $3.3 billion when treated as an asset, the study explained.

Wetland Rehydration Project Area
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