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      As a leader in ecological economics, Earth Economics has been providing innovative analysis and recommendations to governments and organizations across the globe since 1998. We make the business case for nature-based solutions that enable urban and rural communities to be more resilient, healthy, and equitable. We are committed to environmental justice and to empowering the community leaders of today and tomorrow. With the help of generous people like you, we will invest in the resources needed to educate and train our staff on principles and best practices for effectively incorporating equity in our work, and we will offer valuable career pathways to underrepresented youth in the fields of economics and the environment. With your help, we will invest in solutions that are beneficial for ALL.    Join us as we participate in the annual GIVEBIG event, the Puget Sound region's largest day of giving.   Click here   to schedule* your donation today through May 9, or GIVEBIG on May 10.  *All scheduled donations will be processed on May 10.   Together we can invest in nature-based solutions for all.

Together we can invest in nature-based solutions for all. #GIVEBIG for all.