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Atlanta | Georgia

Atlanta | Georgia

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new training opportunity for municipalities and local agencies across the US who are ready to take their green infrastructure efforts to the next level. This summer and fall 2019, Earth Economics will be putting the Blueprint for Increased Investment in Green Infrastructure into action through a series of Urban Green Infrastructure (GI) Labs. These interactive training workshops are designed to grow the capacity of municipal and local leaders to effectively scale investment and adoption of green infrastructure assets in their communities, through hands-on exercises and facilitated sessions. These one-day events will bring together urban leaders and their private and community partners to work through barriers, identify actionable steps, and ultimately advance a collective vision of adopting GI solutions at a scale necessary to simultaneously attract investment, meet critical service delivery targets, and create livable, resilient, communities.

Each Urban GI Lab will be designed to meet each community where they’re at and will be tailored to their specific goals, challenges, and opportunities. Please complete this form to provide us your contact information and some initial background about your green infrastructure implementation needs and your specific interests in the urban GI lab opportunity. We will contact you soon to discuss further and share instructions for completing the application process.

The Urban GI Labs are free-of-charge - we run the workshop for free, in exchange for an on-site venue, food for the day, and some upfront staff time to aid with planning and goal-setting. 

The application process for 2019 Urban Green Infrastructure (GI) Labs has closed. Please use the form below to get in touch with us about our other green infrastructure related workshops, trainings, and technical assistance service offerings.

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St. Louis | Missouri

St. Louis | Missouri



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