From hikes in the desert to a ski run down a mountain side, Washington State residents have numerous choices for outdoor recreation. These rich options also provide many families and businesses with jobs and revenue. This study quantified the contribution of outdoor recreation to Washington State's economy, finding that the outdoor recreation industry contributes $21.6 billion annually. This report was well-received and leveraged across the state, influencing the appointment of Washington State's first director of outdoor initiatives.

  • Nearly 200,000 jobs are supported in Washington State as a result of outdoor recreation spending, with 62% directly associated with outdoor recreation on public lands.

  • Washington State has over 23 million acres of public lands, totaling between $134-$248 billion a year in non-market benefits.

  • $21.6 billion is spent every year on outdoor recreational trips and equipment across all recreational land types in Washington.

  • Washington residents average 27 visits per year to local parks, making local parks the most visited land type for outdoor recreation.