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At Earth Economics, we are focused on promoting an economic system that protects and restores global ecological health, supports quality of life, and enhances equity. A donation to Earth Economics is one in support of a future where the environment, communities, and industries thrive together.  We can’t do it without you.


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About Earth Economics

Earth Economics quantifies nature’s benefits, such as a wetland’s ability to filter water or a forest’s capacity to store carbon. Our work drives effective decisions and systemic change through a combination of education, natural capital analysis, and policy recommendations.

  • HEALTHY ECOSYSTEMS Increased resilience contributes to thriving communities.

  • LIVABLE COMMUNITIES Thoughtful investments in nature set the course for vibrant neighborhoods.

  • VALUING NATURE Through economic analysis of the goods and services provided by nature.

  • ECOSYSTEM GOODS & SERVICES Nature provides services we all depend on.

  • URBAN GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE Mainstreaming large-scale investment in integrated infrastructure.

  • ACCOUNTING FOR NATURE Nature supports jobs and healthy communities.