Our connection to the outdoors is embedded in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. The splendor of our natural environment beckons us, defines us, and sustains us. The outdoors are a fundamental part of our unique identity.

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition (WWRC) is a catalyst for conservation and recreation projects across Washington state. For nearly 30 years, it has been the steadfast champion for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP), the state’s largest public funding source for outdoor community projects. Since 1989, the WWRP has contributed over $1.4 billion to more than 1,300 projects statewide, creating not only parks and wildlife habitat, but also jobs, revenue, and increased quality of life throughout the state.

To help demonstrate the social, environmental, and economic benefits that outdoor community projects can provide, WWRC partnered with Earth Economics to value the public benefits provided by WWRP funded projects. The projects selected come from various project categories and intend to show the diverse range of benefits that can be realized for local communities throughout Washington.

Van Deren, M., Armistead, C. 2018. 2018 Field Guide: Outdoor Community Projects. Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA. 

Earth Economics’ work was supported by funding provided by The Bullitt Foundation.

Keywords: Recreation, Outdoors, Critical Habitat, Farmland Preservation, Forestland Preservation, State Lands Development & Renovation, Stand Lands Restoration & Enhancement, State Parks, Trails, Urban Wildlife Habitat, Water Access, Washington, Conservation