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Phone: (253) 539-4801

Mark joins our team with more than 30 years of operations and management experience and has spent the past 10 years working with highly successful non-profit organizations like The Tacoma Art Museum and Goodwill of America. At Earth Economics, he leads the development and implementation of improved accounting, finance, and human resources policies and procedures. His deep expertise in non-profit finance and administration will provide the critical internal infrastructure needed for organizational growth and development. 

Mark’s career began in the for-profit world, where he worked to improve processes and foster growth in operations, manufacturing, and marketing. After pursuing graduate study in Organizational Development, Mark entered the non-profit arena as the Senior Vice President of Business Operations for the local Goodwill Agency. The work Mark did there at the local level was later adopted as the nation-wide business model for Goodwill of America. Proud of his achievements, confident in the positive changes he had brought about, and ready to improve his golf game, Mark made his first attempt at retirement in 2016. But, an opportunity to fill the Interim Executive Director role at Tacoma Art Museum and get back to the work he loves proved far more enticing than the links. After setting the museum up for success and handing the reigns over to a new leader, Mark again found himself unable to retire when he came across the Operations Director position at Earth Economics. 

Although born in Minnesota, Mark has spent the majority of his life in the Pacific Northwest. A product of the Tacoma Public School system, he followed the well-trodden path through Tacoma Community College and on to the University of Washington.


M.S. Organizational Development
University of Washington | Seattle, WA

B.S. International Business
University of Washington | Seattle, WA

A.A. Supervision and Management
Tacoma Community College | Tacoma, WA